Adam Copeland Explains Why AEW Is Good For The Wrestling Business

Last year, wrestling veteran Adam Copeland (AKA Edge) made a move many did not expect: he left WWE for AEW. Now that he's firmly entrenched in the promotion, Copeland sat down with Sports Illustrated, explaining why he believes AEW's existence is a strong positive for the entire wrestling industry.

"Any time there is more than one place to ply your trade, that's good for everyone who is part of that trade," Copeland said. "A monopoly is never a good idea. That goes for me as a consumer, too."

Copeland is far from the first person to make this point. Former AEW World Champion MJF recently said similar things about the benefits of competition in wrestling in his Player's Tribune article last month. Even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has pointed out that AEW's existence has tangible benefits for WWE fans, as it will inevitably push the company to put forward a better product.

"As a consumer, I want more choices," Copeland continued. "That doesn't mean you have to choose one over the other. You can choose them all."

The AEW star explained that, growing up, the WWF was the only promotion that aired on TV in his area. Copeland had to seek out tapes from NWA promotions and learned about the wider wrestling world through brief snippets in magazines. Eventually, additional wrestling programming became available to him on TV, and Copeland expanded his boundaries even further.

One of the reasons Copeland loves wrestling in AEW is the vast assortment of styles featured there. Having grown up discovering a diverse spectrum of styles, Copeland said that what AEW is offering is something special within modern pro wrestling.

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