Former WCW Star Doesn't Think WWE Fans Will Ever See Brock Lesnar Again

While Brock Lesnar is yet to be directly named in the ongoing lawsuit against Vince McMahon as the "WWE star" who took part in the many depraved allegations, the promotion seems to be slowly distancing itself from "The Beast Incarnate." According to Kevin Sullivan on "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," fans will likely never see Lesnar in WWE again.

Lesnar might have stepped away from wrestling even before the McMahon scandal, but his complete absence leaves a hole. However, Sullivan believes that GUNTHER might be able to fill the void. "GUNTHER, he looks like a villain out of a Nazi movie. But I think you have to keep going with GUNTHER. Yeah, looks like you've lost Brock and people pay to see him beat people up."

Currently, many fans online want to see GUNTHER dethrone Seth Rollins, but Sullivan suggested WWE instead use him to crush Cody Rhodes after he finishes his story. "If we have Cody finish the story and then on the next big pay-per-view, we bring in the machine, GUNTHER, and we get the belt back on our heel."Sullivan continued, explaining that WWE needs to further legitimize GUNTHER, especially since he believes that Lesnar will likely never be seen in the promotion again. "GUNTHER needs to win a belt. A world title, he needs to step up because Brock is going to be gone, I don't think we're going to see Brock ever again."

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