WWE's Liv Morgan Reflects On Her Performances In The Royal Rumble

Although she has yet to win a Women's Royal Rumble, Liv Morgan holds several distinct honors in the match, including being tied with Charlotte Flair for the most runner-up placements. For Morgan, her second-place performances were birthed in back-to-back years – 2023 and 2024. On a recent episode of "WWE's The Bump," Morgan reflected on these most recent Royal Rumble appearances, viewing them as a sign of progression in her career.

"I think I love it for me. I think I love it for me because that means I didn't digress," Morgan said. "I had half a year off and I came back and I jumped right into kind of where I left off. And I eliminated Jade [Cargill]. She wasn't ready for Liv."

In 2023, Morgan entered the field from the number two position, outlasting 28 other women before it came down to her and Rhea Ripley as the final two in the Women's Royal Rumble. Morgan's efforts in this respective outing have earned the fourth-longest time in a singles Women's Royal Rumble match. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Morgan also carries the third shortest time in Women's Royal Rumble history with an eight-second performance in 2019.

"I went from the fastest elimination in history to sharing the record of longest Royal Rumble time with Rhea last year," Morgan said. "This match has evolved tremendously in a lot of ways. What I noticed the most this year compared to the first year is that [with] Rumble matches, we love bringing back legends. We love representing the 'NXT' women, but this year, we have such a stacked roster filled with so many talented women that need to be showcased that unfortunately, [also] fortunately. there were no legends to showcase because we had so many incredible women ready to be seen."

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