AEW's Jeff Jarrett Comments On The Idea Of Mick Foley Doing One Last Death Match

Mick Foley got the wrestling world talking this week by admitting he's thinking about doing one more match. To be specific, one more death match, which is how Foley wants to celebrate his 60th birthday, following in the footsteps of Ric Flair. One man who was part of the "Nature Boy's" swansong was Jeff Jarrett, and he admitted he loved Foley's idea.

"So many things came to mind," he said on "My World." "When you did the roast of Bruce [Prichard], can you imagine a roast of Mick? A convention around it, his career touched so many promotions, Japan, Texas, Tennessee, the obvious. A lot of people forget about his WCW run." Foley competing in one final match is not officially confirmed, but the WWE Hall Of Famer is hoping to use the idea as motivation for him to lose 100 pounds.

Foley named Jon Moxley or Matt Cardona as potential dream opponents, and while his podcast has now ended, that doesn't mean his relationship with Conrad Thompson is finished. After all, Thompson was the man behind "Ric Flair's Last Match" and the "Starrcast" events, and he admitted his ears perked up at Foley's news. "I immediately went to work and started saying, 'Okay, I'm not going to shoehorn myself in as the promoter, but I did do this before, so I know some things that probably need to be put in place right now if he does decide to do that,'" Thompson revealed.

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