Tommy Dreamer Reflects On His Late Friend, Former WWE Star Ashley Massaro

Less than three weeks have passed since Vince McMahon resigned from WWE after he, and the promotion, were named in a lawsuit accusing him of sex trafficking and abuse, and the story has shown no signs of slowing down. It's also put a spotlight on older stories, including one regarding the late Ashley Massaro, who alleged she was raped during a WWE tour of Kuwait in the mid-2000s, and that McMahon and other top WWE executives helped cover up the crime.

On last Friday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer, who worked for WWE at the time of the Kuwait tour, attempted to make sense of what happened to Massaro, whom he considered a friend during that time.

"It's almost like, when you read it, you want to be like 'There's no way this possibly could've happened,'" Dreamer said. "But then as you continue to read it, you're like 'How is this possible?' I've been on tours with WWE, and you're like 'What the hell is going on...' Apparently, she was dehydrated and she was in a medical facility, and they were giving her IVs, and then someone took her to another medical facility and gave her another where she was kind of paralyzed but yet awake. And they did some horrible things to her, raped her.

"The more you read, even with the whole Vince McMahon stuff, you just feel like 'Wait, what the hell is going on?' It's a hard read. It is. These are real people. This is someone who was my friend, she was a lot of people's friend. But there's other parts're dealing with a criminal act, one of the worst acts that could possibly happen to a human being. And then there's all this...was it covered up? Did they know?"

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