Shelton Benjamin Compares This Former WWE Stable To The Avengers

Professional wrestlers are often seen as real-life superheroes due to what they're capable of doing inside the ring, and the larger-than-life characters that they portray. However, during their run as The Hurt Business, Shelton Benjamin revealed that the group would liken themselves to The Avengers.


"MVP is Tony Stark, clearly, I was Thor, Bobby was Hulk, Cedric however was Spider-Man. In our head, that's how we looked at ourselves if there was a superhero world. But the cool thing about it was if you pulled anyone out of the equation, the next person kind of slid into that role," Benjamin told "Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw." "So if Bobby wasn't there, I'm the Hulk, Cedric becomes 'Cap. MVP is always Tony Stark because no one can talk better than MVP, period."

The group might have worked as heels in storylines for the majority of their time together, but much like The Avengers, Benjamin pointed out that they all understood each other's dynamics and looked out for each other just like any team would. It's also why he finds it bittersweet to talk about the faction because even though he's proud of what they achieved together, he doesn't have a good reason for why they were broken up and felt he was being told lies which is when his heart was no longer in the industry.


"I'm not happy with the way things ended because I think Hurt Business, to this day, has so much to offer to the wrestling business," he said.

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