FTR Has A Message For BCC After AEW Dynamite Assault: 'You Ain't S*** To Us'

After a bit of a cooling off following Ring of Honor Final Battle, things started heating up again over the last week between FTR and Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley. The two teams had a bench-clearing brawl Saturday on "AEW Collision," and things continued to boil over during the opener of last night's "Dynamite," with Moxley defeating Harwood in singles action, followed by him and Castagnoli laying out Harwood and Wheeler post-match.


Despite that, FTR emerged from defeat only more defiant. In a post-show promo posted on X towards the end of "Dynamite," FTR went in hard on Moxley and Claudio, particularly Harwood, who made clear that the duo won't be backing down from BCC any time soon.

"Here's the thing, FTR don't bow down to you," Harwood said. "And that's probably what pisses you off, because it doesn't matter where we're at, what territory we're in, I've never, Cash [has] never bowed down to you. Because we made our way, and we made our own self. We are our bosses, and you don't do s**t for us Mox. You don't scare us. To me, you are the scum on the bottom of my shoe Mox. 

"And the BCC? I have all the respect, Cash has all the respect in the world for your wrestling abilities, okay? But none of you've carved your own legacy and I'm proud of that and I'm happy for that, and you guys can go down as some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. But you don't scare us. You ain't nothing to us. You ain't s**t to us, Mox."


Harwood and Wheeler will get the chance next Wednesday to prove their fearlessness against Moxley and Claudio, with AEW announcing the two teams will duke it out on "Dynamite."