WWE Star Drew McIntyre Opens Up About The Worst Bump Of His Career

WWE star Drew McIntyre has recalled the worst bump he's had to take, as well as one particular match that he hates to be a part of.

"My weakness, my ultimate match weakness is Hell in the Cell," revealed McIntyre during his interview with "The West Sport."


He explained why he hates the Hell in a Cell match, while also describing that one of the most brutal bumps he had came when he fell off the side of the Hell in a Cell. 

"I've lost every single cell match, I've fallen off the Cell. It was the worst bump of my entire career and I fell off 10 feet off the side," said McIntyre. "I was halfway up, but you know I'm 6' 7" with my wrestling boots on, so I'm looking back as before I fell an additional 7 foot nearly. So falling 17 foot through a table, and you got a table can break your fall. I'm not going to suggest this for anybody, but you know gravity is a hell of a thing, and you weight 280 [pounds], you pick up speed and it was the worst thing my career."


McIntyre also added that he suffered injuries in the Hell in a Cell match. "I bit through my tongue right through the middle. I looked like a snake or something, and yeah I got this crazy whiplash."

He revealed that Seth Rollins also feels that the Hell in a Cell is a brutal match, and the falls from the structure are the worst they've had. The Scotsman has been a part of two Hell in a Cell matches in WWE, one against Bobby Lashley and the other against Randy Orton. The match that he was referring to where he fell off the side of the Cell and onto a table happened in his title match against Orton, where he lost against "The Viper" at Hell in a Cell in 2020 to end his first reign as the world champion.