WWE Star Chad Gable Reflects On His Program With Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER

Last year, Chad Gable's feud against record-breaking WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER enraptured many fans. The pair wrestled three singles matches on "WWE Raw" between July and September 2023, but Gable was unable to overcome the Austrian performer. Appearing on the "Battleground Podcast," Gable looked back on the rivalry, with some hints toward a possible return to the program sometime down the line.


"He's on this insane run right now, like [a] record-setting run with the [WWE Intercontinental] title, that I don't think I ever got closure with," Gable said. "If I had it my way, I'd like to finish that up. I'd like to finish that story. I'd like to win that championship and really solidify ... myself as a singles guy."

Gable shared his belief that if he captured the Intercontinental Championship, it would break the perception from many fans that he is just a tag team player. The former "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champion first rose to some prominence in WWE while teaming with Jason Jordan, together known as American Alpha. After Jordan was forced to retire due to injury, Gable bounced around from team to team, getting paired up with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Roode at different points.


The WWE star finally settled into a rhythm with the creation of Alpha Academy, pairing him up with former Heavy Machinery member Otis. Those two would go on to win the "Raw" tag titles twice and maintain their partnership to this day, with Maxxine Dupri rounding out the faction.

GUNTHER is currently preparing to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Jey Uso during the next edition of "Raw." Assuming GUNTHER walks away with a victory, it's unclear if his feud with members of the New Day will continue, or if he and his Imperium allies will move on to another threat.

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