LA Knight Assesses Fellow Qualifiers For WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

On February 24, six men will step into one of WWE's most grueling structures — the Elimination Chamber — with the aim of securing a title shot against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40. Given the raised stakes, WWE recently produced a series of qualifying matches to determine which talent would be competing inside the Elimination Chamber. One of the victors in that series was "The Megastar" LA Knight, who overcame former "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champion Ivar to cement his spot in the upcoming match. On a recent episode of "WWE's The Bump," Knight provided an assessment of his fellow qualifiers, which includes the likes of Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Randy Orton.


"You got some hard hitters, you got some big names," Knight said. "You got guys with a lot of history here, and then you got an X factor right here [in me]. You got a wild card right here – somebody that, again, a lot of those guys don't have experience with. I've never even been in the same ring with Bobby Lashley before ... I forgot there was an Andre the Giant Battle Royal last year, but, look, we didn't get enough of it, so now you're looking at Elimination Chamber, the first time that we can really get a real taste of what's what there with me and Bobby Lashley. You got another little [taste of] me and Randy Orton rubbing elbows again and then throw in Drew McIntyre. There's two other guys to be qualified at this point, so at that point who knows how much bigger this thing can get, but I'd already say you've hit the peak once you got this guy in it."


Following Knight's appearance on "WWE's The Bump," the final two Men's Elimination Chamber spots were officially claimed by Logan Paul and Kevin Owens after they defeated The Miz and Dominik Mysterio, respectively, on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown." 

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