Backstage Update On Vince McMahon's Netflix Documentary Following Lawsuit

Over the last several years, Netflix has been producing a documentary on former WWE CEO Vince McMahon. However, with the recent allegations against McMahon that have come to light, it's unclear whether the streaming platform still intends to release the project. Speaking on the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer shared what he knows regarding the project's status and content.


"I haven't heard anything about [the release of] the doc," Meltzer said. "This changes the whole doc 100%. ... They were done. It was going to be out very, very soon. I don't know how it can possibly be out very, very soon now."

Netflix had previously pulled the McMahon docuseries in 2022 after allegations against McMahon first surfaced, but those allegations were kept vague and McMahon later returned to power. At some point along the way, Netflix resumed production, but Meltzer stated that the "theme" of the series had changed from the original idea, presumably meaning that the production began incorporating the latest round of accusations against McMahon.

Meltzer, who was interviewed for the documentary, stated that the producers asked questions about some of McMahon's seedier past, such as the rape allegation by former WWE referee Rita Chatterton. If the doc comes out, Meltzer feels the stories of Janel Grant and Ashley Massaro must be included as well.


"Vince himself ... said he wanted an honest doc," Meltzer continued. "I don't think he wanted it this honest and I don't think, at the time, he knew that these skeletons would be coming out of the closet. And the stuff that he thought was covered up ended up being uncovered."

At this time, Netflix has yet to make any statement on the status of the project. However, it's worth noting that WWE recently signed a deal to bring "WWE Raw" to Netflix starting in January 2025, days before Grant's allegations emerged.

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