Booker T Says This WWE Star Was Like A Greek God The First Time He Saw Him

Since making his WWE debut in 2005, Bobby Lashley has accomplished much in the industry, from becoming a world champion to Lashley's current mentorship of the Street Profits. Speaking on a recent edition of "The Hall of Fame," WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Lashley, referring to a recent statement from Lashley saying that he looked up to Booker upon first arriving in the company.


"When I first met Bobby Lashley and I saw this specimen in front of me, I was like, ... 'This guy's a Greek god,'" Booker said.

However, the two didn't start on immediately good terms. In their first conversation, Booker recalls telling Lashley not to sell too much in a standard TV match, with Lashley offering a reply that offended Booker.

"I was like, 'Man, I don't know if I ever want to talk to this guy again,'" Booker continued. "I didn't talk to Bobby for months. And then finally, one day, Bobby came to me, and I stressed to him: 'You gotta take ... the bull by the horns. You can't let the bull ride you.'"

Booker said that he encouraged Lashley to make his own path and learn the psychology of wrestling. Lashley even did some training at Booker's school in Houston, Texas. From there, Booker started seeing major improvements in the younger performer. The two eventually had an onscreen rivalry in 2006, with Lashley retaining the WWE United States Championship over Booker. Months later, Booker would successfully defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Lashley to get his win back.


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