GUNTHER Retains Intercontinental Title On WWE Raw As Jimmy Uso Costs Brother Jey

For the second time in six months, Jimmy Uso played a part in keeping his twin brother Jey from winning singles gold for the first time in his career, this time interfering in an Intercontinental Championship match on "WWE Raw" against GUNTHER.


"Main Event" Jey Uso had "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns seemingly dead to rights with the WWE Universal Championship on the line at SummerSlam before a hooded Jimmy appeared to turn on his brother, costing him the match and sending The Bloodline into a chaos it has yet to recover from to this day. Similarly, Monday nigt, Jey had "The Ring General" beat following a series of Spears inside and outside the ring, followed by an Uso Splash. The referee was about to count the three when the bell suddenly started ringing erratically. With both the ref and Jey himself confused, the camera cut to a familiar hooded figure reaching over the barricade and hammering away at the bell. Of course, it was Jimmy, who was escorted by security as Jey regained control in the ring. He was even able to throw in a suicide dive to Jimmy on the outside before trying once more to end GUNTHER's historic title reign. As he went for another Uso Splash, however, GUNTHER lifted his knees to counter the move and immediately turned it into a package rollup to retain his championship.


Jimmy, who also interfered in the night's opening match alongside Solo Sikoa to cost Cody Rhodes against Drew McIntyre, returned to the ring to continue to punish Jey, raining down hands on his brother and exclaiming, "No matter how big you get, I'm always the big brother. Always!" He'd end the assault with a pair of Uso Splashes of his own, holding up The Bloodline's signature "one" finger, as the saga between the brothers forges forward toward WrestleMania.