Video: WWE Star Zoey Stark Shows Off Magic Trick With Tag Partner Shayna Baszler

Since they first teamed together back in September, Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler have found that they have plenty of chemistry as a tag team. One thing they don't yet have, however, is chemistry when it comes to Stark's attempt at putting on a magic show.


Taking to X on Monday afternoon, Stark posted a video of her and Baszler hanging out during last night's episode of "WWE Raw." In an attempt to entertain Baszler, Stark performed a magic trick where she asked an increasingly embarrassed Baszler to follow her fingers. After making her right finger "disappear," Stark was ushered out of the room by Baszler. Stark noted in her tweet that she may not have performed the trick perfectly, but seemed to have no regrets.

Stark and Baszler's magical act may not have a future, but their pairing together has paid off for both, with the duo winning five of their six matches, with their only blemish being a draw against Piper Niven and Chelsea Green back in September. Despite the success, Star and Baszler have yet to earn themselves a WWE Women's World Tag Team Championship shot against former champions Green and Niven, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, or current champions the Kabuki Warriors.


Unfortunately, the tag team success hasn't carried over for either Stark or Baszler, who were both unsuccessful in Elimination Chamber qualifying matches against Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan respectively. The duo both had one last chance to earn a spot in the Women's Chamber match, taking part in a Last Chance Qualifying Battle Royal match on "Raw," which was ultimately won by Raquel Rodriguez.