Backstage Update On Josh Alexander's Surprising TNA Contract Extension

It is a time of turmoil in TNA Wrestling, as the fallout from former President Scott D'Amore being fired continues to engulf the promotion. Among the many questions fans have regarding TNA's future is whether D'Amore's departure will lead to some wrestlers looking to leave, questions that reached a fever pitch regarding Josh Alexander on Monday after the former World Champion tweeted out an emoji of an hourglass running low on sand.


The speculation turned out to be all for naught on Monday when TNA announced that Alexander's contract with the promotion had been extended. However, this was not due to the two sides reaching a new deal. Fightful Select reports that Alexander's time with TNA was extended due to the promotion picking up a one-year option in Alexander's contract. As such, the "Walking Weapon's" deal will now be up on February 14, 2025, after originally being scheduled to be up last Wednesday, which would've allowed him to join the already crowded 2024 free agency market.

While Alexander's tweet yesterday indicated to many that he was seeking a release from TNA, it's not believed that was the case. That said, Alexander appears to keeping all options open and had requested that TNA not pick up his option, which would've allowed him to "survey" the landscape regarding his free-agent prospects. Despite TNA exercising the option, it's believed that Alexander will continue to work hard for the promotion over the next year, and will fulfill all contractual obligations.


Alexander is coming off arguably the biggest match of his career on January 18, when he defeated Will Ospreay in a highly acclaimed match on "TNA Impact." His most recent match for the promotion aired on February 8, when he defeated Alan Angels in singles action.