GUNTHER Has One Word For Pat McAfee After WWE Raw

This week's episode of "WWE RAW" was headlined by a first-time televised matchup pitting Jey Uso against Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, in which GUNTHER was tasked with defending his title. Before the action got underway, Uso livened up the Anaheim crowd with his signature entrance dance. "RAW" commentator Pat McAfee also joined in on the trend, bouncing his arms to the music while standing on the announce desk. As McAfee relished in the moment, however, he was met with a glaring look from GUNTHER, prompting him to then abruptly halt his movements.


Seemingly unimpressed by McAfee's dancing, GUNTHER has since shared a video clip of their interaction on X (formerly Twitter) attached with the caption, "Stooge."

Despite the pre-match hype displayed by McAfee and the WWE Universe, Jey Uso's hopes for a post-match celebration were ultimately dashed as his brother, Jimmy Uso, prevented him from capturing a key pinfall. Toward the end of the match, Jey nailed GUNTHER with an Uso Splash looking to keep "The Ring General" down for a three count. Before the referee could complete the count, though, a hooded figure distracted him by repeatedly dinging the ringside bell. That hooded figure, of course, revealed himself to be Jimmy Uso, whom Jey had consciously separated himself from (along with the entire Bloodline) last year


When Jey later attempted to connect with a second Uso Splash, GUNTHER managed to block it with his knees and reverse his momentum into a successful pinfall on Jey to retain the Intercontinental Championship.