Rob Van Dam Weighs In On Sammy Guevara's AEW Botch With Jeff Hardy

On this week's "AEW Rampage," Sammy Guevara accidentally drove his knee into Jeff Hardy's face following a Shooting Star Press, injuring Hardy. Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, no stranger to high-flying offense, commented on the injury on the latest episode of "One of a Kind," saying Guevara needed to take responsibility.


"That's why they call it a high-risk move. I'm not throwing shade on anybody because accidents happen. God knows I've potatoed people in my matches but that's on Sammy, completely. That's a high-risk move," Van Dam said, going on to explain that he's always made sure to turn his 450 Splashes into a bump, as he believes that landing the move would crush his opponents. Van Dam notes that any wrestler who does flipping maneuvers knows the danger that comes with adding flourishes and has to own the injuries that can occur from the moves going wrong. "When you f*** it up, it's on you."

Guevara has a rough history with The Hardy Boys, as Jeff's brother Matt noted, Guevara and Matt have had some brutal contests go wrong in their time in AEW, including a chair shot which went very wrong, and Matt believes Guevara injuring Jeff is just another example of the "Hardy Curse." Hardy is reportedly doing well after the injury, suffering a broken nose, though it appears not a concussion. The injury comes after Hardy spent much of 2023 recovering from eye surgery, and had been worried about the double vision he was experiencing.