Booker T Warns Of 'Slippery Slope' Regarding Former WWE NXT Talent Velveteen Dream

This past weekend, former WWE wrestler Velveteen Dream — real name Patrick Clark — returned to the ring on the indies. Dream, who recently released an apology video relating to his past behavior, made an unannounced appearance at The Dynasty's It Was All a Dream event in Albany, New York, which was ultimately met with a negative response on social media. Dream was previously accused of inappropriate contact with minors. He was also arrested multiple times between 2021 and 2022 for unrelated offenses. On "Hall of Fame," WWE's Booker T, who recently wondered if there was a way back into the business for Dream, commented on the negative online reaction to the former "WWE NXT" North American Champion's return.


The WWE Hall of Famer, who served time in prison in the late '80s for his involvement in an armed robbery, initially wondered if fans would be open about him being a part of the business if he had committed his offense in the modern day. Booker then brought up Dream's three arrests, noting the former "NXT" talent had never been arrested or charged for a sex crime, and that's the part the five-time WCW Champion can't understand.

"I can understand if he was convicted of that," Booker said. "I can understand if he was charged with that. I can understand if he was registered as that. But these days, people can make accusations on you, and people take it as fact. There have been no notable crimes on paper with any police department, as far as that goes. And the thing is, I wonder what you've got to do to get a second chance in this day and age we're living in right now?"


'It's really a slippery slope that we're living in today'

Booker continued by talking about the impact of social media on Dream's situation. "I've seen comments from people that have never been to America before, making comments," Booker explained. "And that's where everything is so connected, where people can make your life miserable, where you can never get a job ever again in your life, and you've never been charged for that crime that people have convicted you for, in the public opinion. It's really a slippery slope that we're living in today."


Booker later admitted Dream made some huge mistakes, acknowledging it's a problem anytime an adult attempts to engage with a minor online. Despite the accusations, Dream's former employer, WWE, found no evidence of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, the "NXT" commentator said he never interacts with kids at his Reality of Wrestling school without their parents present, because interactions via social media or text can be misinterpreted.

Regarding Dream being given a second chance, Booker said, "I just don't think you should be persecuted forever if there is not a real crime. If there was a victim, if it was one of these kids that has accused him of something and the police came and picked up Patrick Clark and took him to jail and he was prosecuted for that, I would be all for everything that these people are talking about."


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