WWE Star GUNTHER Addresses Whether There Are Plans To Add Women Wrestlers To Imperium

Even before his current run as the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion in history, GUNTHER has always surrounded himself with a capable group at his side. The first was Ringkampf, a stable GUNTHER led in both PROGRESS Wrestling and wXw in the mid-2010s, followed by Imperium, which GUNTER formed upon joining WWE in 2019 alongside fellow Ringkampf member Ludwig Kaiser and Fabian Archer.


While both Ringkampf and now Imperium have proven to be dominant factions, one thing neither stable had was a female member within their respective ranks. When asked whether Imperium had plans to add a female wrestler to the group in an interview with the "Battleground Podcast," GUNTHER seemed to shut the door on the idea of any female members. In fact, GUNTHER, as he has in the past, seemed cold on the idea of adding any new members to Imperium, barring a particular circumstance.

"There's no plans for that, no," GUNTHER said. "It's not a group where it's like 'We've got to fill those spots. Who do we take?' It either naturally comes together or it doesn't come together. I've known both of them for a long time now, especially Kaiser. 


"I think we've known each other since 2009 or 2010. And we've traveled everywhere together in Germany, and now we're doing it again up here. There's a connection behind it and that's why we're doing it. I don't think...I could not be in a situation like that with somebody that I have no real connection with, on a personal level as well. So there's not really any plan to that."

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