Booker T Assesses Shawn Michaels' Performance As Head Of WWE NXT Creative

While Paul "Triple H" Levesque maintains control of WWE's main roster creative, his former tag team partner Shawn Michaels has taken over the reins of the company's developmental territory of "WWE NXT." Serving as WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Michaels is tasked with overseeing the "NXT" creative department as well as the brand's overall growth. On a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who also acts as an "NXT" commentator, provided his assessment of Michaels' performance in the role and the current state of "NXT" as a whole.


"Shawn Michaels is definitely doing a hell of a job down there working with those guys, working with that young talent," Booker said. "I always say, you have to have been in the game. If you [weren't] in the game, you [were] on the bench watching the team win the ring. But you were there, you soaked in that knowledge. Shawn Michaels, he worked at that next level. And I think what really makes it work also, and I think it proves something that a smaller crew, as far as brains in the room, the ideas may be a whole lot more crisp, a whole lot more clear. We can do a whole lot more work, as opposed to having 20 guys in the room trying to come up with ideas. As well as that NIL talent that's coming in. We've gotten a lot of good talent coming in – the Sol Rucas of the world. It's a mixture, as well as the independent guys that's coming in as well. So I'm loving every bit of what's going on in NXT."


Right now, "NXT" finds itself on the path to its third consecutive Roadblock event, which will be formatted as a special episode of "NXT" on Tuesday, March 5. While the full card has yet to reveal itself, "NXT" Champion Ilja Dragunov has taken it upon himself to offer Carmelo Hayes a title shot against him on the condition that Hayes meets him face-to-face on next week's episode of "NXT."

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