Tyler Breeze Opens Up About WWE Release

Former WWE star Tyler Breeze has discussed his WWE release and why he knew it was coming.

Breeze, during his recent interaction on "Developmentally Speaking," said that he wasn't surprised by his WWE release as he was earning main roster money while wrestling in "WWE NXT."


"At that time, I knew it was probably happening at some point. Actually, I believe, when it finally happened, I'm pretty sure like Hunter [Triple H] already told me that like, 'Oh, this will probably happen,' just because I was still on a main roster deal at that point. When it comes down to it, and it comes down to looking at stuff like that, you can't make that much money in that spot. It really just kind of came down to that," said Breeze. "So I wasn't really surprised ... I mean you can't ever really be surprised. When they finally fire you, you can kind of see the writing on the wall here and there. Sometimes there's some surprises."

He revealed that his coach and former WWE star, Lance Storm, had told him that the average WWE star has a five-year run with the company, which he surpassed by a long way with his 11-year stint. Further in the interview, he explained why he was glad that he was released, while also discussing the possibility of returning to his old stomping grounds.


Tyler Breeze on being burnt out before his WWE release

Tyler Breeze added that he was burnt out at the time of his WWE release, as he had taken very little time off during his 11 years in WWE. The former "NXT" Tag Team Champion stated that his release was a blessing in disguise, as he got to relax and get a well-earned break after a grueling run with the company.


"At that point, I was a little bit burnt out. I mean, I've been going hard ... I really only took, I don't know, maybe a couple days off here and there. I think maybe I took a couple days off to go get married, that was about it. So I've been lucky ... I'd never really been hurt, so I never really took extended time off. I was booked on everything. I think in 2017 or 2016, I had the most matches in WWE," said Breeze. "But, I just kind of liked sleeping in my own bed and waking up and making breakfast and not really being in a hurry to go anywhere. Just hanging out with my animals, just enjoying life. A little bit of the reward for the hard work of being on the road for 11 years."

When asked if he would return full-time to WWE, Breeze responded in the affirmative almost immediately, citing how he's just 36 years old and has many years left in the business. Breeze added that he has a good relationship with WWE, especially with Triple H, and would be keen to return if the call ever came from WWE.