Bully Ray Says This Current WWE Star Is One Of The Greatest Of All Time

Nearly 24 years into his pro wrestling career, Randy Orton still has plenty going for him. The future WWE Hall of Famer has been better than ever since he returned from a year-plus stint recovering from injury at Survivor Series, and came close to securing a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania at WWE Elimination Chamber before being bested by Drew McIntyre


Now, he can also add being named one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by former co-worker Bully Ray to the list of his accomplishments. The two-time Hall of Famer made the declaration during Monday morning's edition of "Busted Open Radio," saying that Orton was "without a doubt" one of the greatest ever. While noting Orton didn't have the personality of some other all-time greats, Bully believes he still belongs due to Orton's in-ring skills, his ability to make fans believe he could win a match with "simplistic" moves like a headlock, and for never wasting movement during his matches.

"When it comes to in the ring, when it comes to actual professional wrestling, the psychology, the registering, the selling, the story, Randy's as perfect as it comes," Bully said. "There's not many when...you know, it's hard to compare wrestlers sometimes, because, in baseball, you've got your stats. You've got your RBIs, you've got your home runs, you've got your strikeouts...you can compare apples to apples. With wrestling, it's so much different. It's very much a 'Who's the best?' It's very subjective. But I can tell you, as a wrestler who has seen just about everything, when the boys talk, Randy is top, top, top of the food chain."


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