Former WWE Star Mansoor Appears To Call Out Paul Heyman Over Previous Tweet

It's been two days, but the world continues to react to the death of Aaron Bushnell, who died after self-immolating himself while protesting outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., in support of Palestine. Today, the story reached the wrestling world, following a controversial social media post by one of the biggest names currently in WWE.


On X early Tuesday morning, Paul Heyman responded to a fan who noted that Heyman was trending on the social media app more than Bushnell, whom the poster described in a derogatory fashion. In his response, Heyman appeared to joke about Bushnell's self-immolation, claiming that he and fellow Bloodline members Roman Reigns, The Rock, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso "set the ratings, the box office, and the WWE Universe on fire every time we appear!"


Though Heyman's tweet received a positive comment from actor and WWE fan Oshea Jackson Jr., his remarks were criticized by many wrestling fans afterward. The strongest criticism, however, appeared to come from Heyman's former co-worker, Mansoor. The former WWE star took to X himself early Tuesday afternoon, noting that while many had lost jobs for showing public support to Palestine, it was apparently acceptable to mock Bushnell's death, seemingly alluding to Heyman's earlier remarks.

While Heyman remained active on social media following his post, he has yet to further comment on the situation, or the criticism he's received. For his part, Jackson Jr. would take to X again earlier in the afternoon to claim he had not read the tweet that Heyman was responding to, thanked his followers for informing him of the situation, and blamed himself for not paying closer attention.