Details About Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's IP Agreement With WWE

It was recently revealed that Dwayne Johnson had received the intellectual property rights of "The Rock" name from TKO, and now more details have emerged about what the IP includes. 

As per TKO's latest SEC filings reported by Brandon Thurston of "WrestleNomics," several of Johnson's nicknames and catchphrases in WWE are part of the IP, aside from The Rock name. The list includes nicknames like "The People's Champion," "The Brahma Bull," and "The Great One," as well as Rocky Maivia, his first WWE ring name, and Rockpocalypse, a video game that was released over a decade ago.


- The Rock

- Rocky Maivia

- Team Corporate

- Rock Nation

- The Nation

- Roody Poo

- Candy Ass

- Jabroni

- If you smell what The Rock is cooking

- The Samoan Sensation

- The Blue Chipper

- The Brahma Bull

- The People's Champion

- The Great One

- Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

- Team Bring It

- The Rock Just Bring It

- The People's Elbow

- Rock Bottom

- Finally, The Rock has come back to ...

- It doesn't matter what...

- Blue Hell

- The millions... (and millions)

- Rockpocalypse

- Project Rock

- The most electrifying man in sports and entertainment

TKO, the parent company of WWE, announced in January that The Rock would be part of the board of directors, while also revealing that he would hold full ownership of Johnson's iconic WWE ring name. Reports had later revealed that Johnson could license The Rock name to WWE and make money out of it, while he would also receive around $30 million worth of TKO stock by the end of the year.


Following the announcement, Johnson stated that he owed his success in the ring and the world of cinema to "The Rock" name, and claimed that it goes further than the economic and business aspect of the deal.