Bully Ray Explains What He Would Have Liked To See From Cody Rhodes On WWE Raw

WWE legend Bully Ray has analyzed Cody Rhodes' segment with Paul Heyman on this week's "WWE Raw," and one key ingredient that was missing in it.

Following his match with Grayson Waller to close out this week's show, Rhodes was confronted by Paul Heyman, who arrived at the show with a few security guards who, he revealed, were a part of the NYPD previously. An angry Rhodes declared that he's done being nice and that he will now "hunt" The Bloodline. Ray, while discussing the segment on this week's "Busted Open," argued that Rhodes didn't strike fear in Heyman as much as he would have liked to see. 


"Last night, Cody put himself in a situation where I thought he could impose himself and strike some fear in Heyman's heart — so much fear that Heyman would have to report back to Rock and Roman in a much different than he did. I didn't get that fear from Cody last night," assessed Ray. "That's what I wanted to see. I know Cody raised his voice, I know Cody Rhodes hit a couple of people with chairs — the retired cops. What I really wanted, from Cody for the first time, [was] to strike real fear in somebody, and that somebody was Paul Heyman."

Ray believes that Rhodes should have put the chair near Heyman's head, like holding a gun against someone's head, and threatened to hit him with it if he "moved a muscle," and instilled some fear in "The Advocate's" head. He thinks that "The American Nightmare" should have sent a "message of fear" to The Bloodline during his segment with Heyman, which he didn't see in Rhodes on "Raw." 


Rhodes and The Bloodline haven't come face-to-face since the WrestleMania 40 press conference, where The Rock slapped "The American Nightmare." At the Elimination Chamber show, Rhodes challenged "The Great One" to a match, and we'll likely hear the Hollywood star's response when he appears on this week's "WWE SmackDown."