Joey Janela Shares Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Michael Jones, AKA WWE's Virgil

Former WWE star Michael "Virgil" Jones died today at the age of 61, with an outpouring of kind words emerging from members of the wrestling industry both young and old. Among those sharing their memories of Jones is GCW star Joey Janela, who offered a eulogy for the late wrestler on X.


Janela first met Jones at an independent show when Janela was just 11 years old. After Janela told Jones that he couldn't afford the $20 he was asking for a picture, Jones had Janela hold onto his bag while he wrestled. Two years later, Jones recognized Janela at a convention and called him over, much to the teenager's surprise.

Years later, once Janela was an established professional wrestler, he began running his own series of independent shows on WWE WrestleMania weekend as an imprint of GCW, referred to as Joey Janela's Spring Break. Janela revealed today that Jones was the first person he thought should be involved.

"I had many great times with Michael," Janela wrote. "He was one of the funniest characters I've ever met in the business and always meant well. From getting the promoter in England to fly him out on [two] days' notice because we were drunk and I wanted to hang out with him, which would be his last time across the pond, to bringing him to the AEW hotel to rib and annoy the boys."


Janela also discussed the impact Jones had on the wrestling business, most notably his run assisting Ted DiBiase and eventually standing up to the villain. According to Janela, anyone who met Jones over the last two decades likely walked away with a memorable story.

"I looked forward to seeing him this year in Philadelphia, but that sadly that won't happen," Janela continued. "But I have many memories with the 'Meatsauce God' that will last a lifetime!"