Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Discuss Possible AEW Revolution Main Event

Only three days separate the wrestling world from one of the biggest shows of 2024, AEW Revolution, where Sting will wrestle the final match of his Hall of Fame career, defending the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Darby Allin against the Young Bucks. And the only questions remaining regarding the show are whether the tag title match will close the show, or if the show will be headlined by the three-way AEW World Championship match between Samoa Joe, "Hangman" Adam Page, and Swerve Strickland.


The debate reached "Busted Open Radio" on Wednesday, with hosts Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray, and Tommy Dreamer all giving their two cents. Bully believes that the placement of Sting's match and the three-way will largely depend on what the planned result for each match is.

"99% of the time, in my opinion, the World Heavyweight Champion goes on last," Bully said. "It also depends on the finishes of the match. And listen, if it's Sting's last match, and he gets screwed over, yes, after the screwing happens, you're going to get the moment where Sting gets to his feet, everyone's chanting 'Thank you.' But you're going to go off the air really flat. 

"If Sting goes on last, I think that's kind of tipping your hat to 'We're going off the air very happy...' I'm all about heat, but...every once in a while, you've got to make the people happy. This is, to me, a tough call. Sting is the biggest star on this given night. It's his last match. Does 'The Icon' Sting's last match trump the importance of your World Heavyweight Championship match?"


Bully Ray Believes Revolution Main Event Depends On Whether Sting Will Win Or Lose

Dreamer agreed with the assessment, and believes there's a very good scenario for AEW to follow up on should Sting and Allin win, though he's unsure they'll go that route.

"If he retires as the tag team champion, that's pretty cool...," Dreamer said. "AEW did really, really good with that tournament, with the Continental Classic. And if you wanted to get your tag division where you elevate it, everybody for the tag titles is a cool thing to do...Sting loses his last night, and then you have a nice rah rah? I don't know. If that team is losing, you're switching the belts, then I say no, you put the World Title on last."


As for what Bully believes will occur, he cited AEW's history of trying to give their audience the best moment possible as a sign that Sting will close the show, and end it with one final victory.

"Tony is notorious for feel good moments," Bully said. "When I say notorious, I'm not using that in a bad sense. I'm using that...Tony does feel good very well. Tony likes to make his AEW fanbase happy. So if I'm going on AEW's history and the way they book stuff, I would say that that's going to be a very happy, jovial sincere, emotional, moment. And not only are you going to want everybody live in the arena to feel that emotional moment, you're going to want that to go right through your TV set, right to your people at home."


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