Becky Lynch Puts Herself In Liv Morgan's Shoes After WWE Raw Interference

After being attacked by Nia Jax two weeks in a row, Becky Lynch set out for revenge. Lynch ultimately succeeded in her pursuit, as she sent Jax crashing into the announce desk on "WWE Raw," but her actions also came at the expense of Liv Morgan, who now has a loss added to her record due to Lynch's interference in her match against Jax. As such, Morgan later confronted Lynch backstage, declaring that not everything revolves around her.


On an episode of "WWE's The Bump," Lynch took a moment to reflect on the recent series of events, taking into account how she might feel if the roles were reversed. "I know how I would feel if somebody did that to me. I would be pissed. I would want to fight them. I understand that," Lynch said. "If [Liv] wants to fight me, I'll never say no. I think this is even more on me that I wasn't even thinking about her match. I wasn't even thinking about the match. I was just thinking about getting my hands on Nia Jax and retribution because it was two weeks in a row [that Jax ambushed me]. It wasn't just once. It was two weeks in a row, and I'm not just gonna sit back and take that. And so, retaliation had to happen, but I do apologize that it was at the expense of Liv."


Since returning to WWE television in late-January, Morgan has primarily placed her focus on completing her self-proclaimed "revenge tour," with WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley named as her top target. And while her path to Ripley was momentarily detoured by a loss inside the Women's Elimination Chamber, she then aimed to dish some payback on Jax, who, like Lynch, attacked her last week. As previously seen on "Raw," though, Morgan's new pursuit was "rudely interrupted" by "The Man."

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