Video: Liv Morgan Shares WWE Raw Promo Shot Before Being 'Rudely Interrupted'

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley may be on a collision course for WrestleMania 40, where Lynch is set to challenge Ripley for her Women's World Championship. But even though things may be personal between the two, to the point that Lynch and Ripley's Judgment Day teammate Dominik Mysterio are now beefing on social media, it may not be as personal as the issues between Ripley and Liv Morgan, who is on a quest to get revenge on Ripley for taking her out of action for months.


Now, however, Morgan's tour may grow to include Lynch. Taking to X on Wednesday morning, Morgan posted a "digital exclusive" promo she cut during "Raw" this past Monday, claiming that she did so before being rudely interrupted by Lynch. In the promo, Morgan reiterated her desire to get revenge on Ripley for injuring her last year. She then turned her attention to Nia Jax, her opponent this past Monday night, vowing to get payback on Jax for an attack the previous week.

Unfortunately for Morgan, she was unable to get payback against Jax due to Lynch attacking Jax during their match, leading to it ending in a no-contest. Though Lynch's attack wasn't unprovoked, as she had been attacked from behind by Jax earlier on the show, her actions didn't sit well with Morgan, who confronted Lynch afterward for her interference. 


The tense scene continued the budding issues between Lynch and Morgan, who were the final two in the Women's Elimination Chamber this past Saturday, with Lynch defeating Morgan to secure the WrestleMania match against Ripley. Lynch herself will now get a match against Jax this upcoming Monday on "Raw," giving Morgan the possibility to get involved the same way Lynch did earlier this week.