Ace Steel Looks Forward To CM Punk WWE Comeback Story: 'He Now Has A Dragon To Slay'

Just two months after returning to WWE, CM Punk shared the unfortunate news that sustained a tore his right tricep, which would force him to miss out on the opportunity to perform at WrestleMania 40. Despite the projected six to eight-month setback, Punk's longtime friend Ace Steel is keeping an optimistic outlook. On a recent episode of "The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling," Steel outlined his excitement in seeing what will unfold upon Punk's resurgence, specifically pointing toward Punk's likely inclination to target that man who smugly took credit for his injury – Drew McIntyre.


"I wanted to see [Punk] make that run to WrestleMania to the point where I kept thinking 'Should I go?'" Steel said. "I love watching wrestling from home because I don't have to see people bouncing in and out of me or whatever. I'm sure I would've had great seats, a great viewing platform there, but yeah, just a killer [that Punk is missing the event now]. All I can think about is the comeback is going to be even more special. We have a nice reason for it happening. We have Drew McIntyre taking credit for it in such a heel storyline, elevating Drew McIntyre to this dirty son of a b**** that prayed for you to get hurt. What a line. [Punk] now has a dragon to slay when he comes back, like 'I'm coming for you. I'm coming for your head.' So when the time is right, the place is just going to unload."


While Punk remains out of action, McIntyre continues to troll him. After commissioning a t-shirt mocking his detoured WrestleMania pursuit, McIntyre cut a promo on "WWE Raw," stating that unlike CM Punk, he would not let an injury prevent him from competing at WrestleMania. In this case, McIntyre was referring to the ruptured eardrum he suffered inside the Men's Elimination Chamber.

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