AEW Collision Results 3/2 - Eight-Man Tag, All-Star Scramble Qualifier, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of "AEW Collision," airing on February 24, 2024 and broadcasting from Propst Arena At Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama!

"Collision" is taped tonight, not live, so some of you might already know what happens, but that's not going to stop the rest of us from enjoying (and covering) the show as it airs! On tap for tonight: An eight-man tag team match pitting Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Daniel Garcia, and HOOK against Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Killswitch, and Christian Cage. The combination includes four men who are battling for a pair of singles championships at AEW Revolution on Sunday (Cassidy will defend the International title against Strong while Cage defends the TNT title against Garcia) so there are a lot of moving parts with this one.


In other Revolution-centric action, a three-way match between Dante Martin, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Bryan Keith will determine who gets the last spot in the Eight-Man All-Star Scramble for a future world title shot. We will also hear one last time from Revolution opponents Toni Storm and Deonna Purrazzo, as well as All-Star Scramble participants Wardlow and Chris Jericho.

They say Saturday evenings are decent for pugilism, so let's start the show!

Mark Briscoe brawls with the House of Black

Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly, and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary and flames are shooting everywhere as Buddy Matthews makes his way to the ring, but before any match can start, Matthews is attacked by Mark Briscoe! The two men battle on the outside, and suddenly there's a table and some chairs! Mark Briscoe is back in the ring and dropkicks Matthews on the outside, then sets up a chair and uses it to dive over the top rope to the outside, knocking Matthews to the floor!


Briscoe rolls Matthews back into the ring, then pulls out the spike that the House of Black recently used on him. Brody King and Malaki Black are both out now, and Briscoe is fighting off all three men. Briscoe nails King and Black with cascade of chair shots, then prepares to use the spike on Black's head — but Matthews has recovered nails Briscoe with a massive kick. Matthews drags Briscoe up the ramp and butterflies the arm, but Briscoe counters with a backdrop, then hits a crossbody on Matthews from the ramp to the floor.

Briscoe now as a device that controls pyro and uses that to scare Matthews, but security is out here now. Briscoe sets Matthews' face right next to wear the pyro comes out and goes for the controls, but security drags the device away and tackles Briscoe as the House of Black retreats. Briscoe manages to get the device back and sets off the pyro several more times as a warning to his fleeing enemies.


A Swerve Strickland backstage promo from after "Dynamite" on Wednesday airs. Swerve says he doesn't let his guard down often, and he paid for it. He'll never take his eyes off "Hangman" Adam Page ever again. Page can't get behind him on Sunday, and he's going to walk out of Revolution as the historic first-every African-American world champion.

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Bryan Keith vs. Dante Martin

The bell rings, and the crowd is already chanting "Cero Miedo." Penta gets in Martin's face with his taunt, then exaggeratedly prepares to take off his glove to do the same thing to Keith. When the glove comes off, however, Keith hits Penta with a headbutt. Martin drops Keith, then superkicks Penta, but Penta gets back into it, only to eat a double superkick from his opponents. Penta rolls out of the ring, leaving Martin and Keith to a high-flying exchange. Now Penta is back in delivering kicks to Martin, followed by a backstabber.


Penta bounces off the ropes, but Keith is back in and hits a kick, then nails an exploder suplex. Penta tries to get out of the ring, but Keith drags him back. Penta and Keith exchange kicks, chops, and forearms, with the exchange ending when Martin comes off the top with a double crossbody. Martin then dives onto Keith on the outside, gets back into the ring, and dives onto Penta on the other side! Martin is firmly in control as we go to break.

Back from break, all three men are on their feet and chopping each other. Keith hits a superkick on Penta, then Keith and Penta both hit one on Martin. Keith counters Fear Factor, then turns a battle in the corner into a blockbuster attempt that's countered. Martin is back in, but Penta hits him with a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. All three men are struggling to get up. Penta with leg kicks to Keith, then springboards off the ropes, but Keith wins the ensuing exchange of counters which ends up with Keith head-butting Penta off the top rope to the floor. Martin rolls up Keith for a two-count. After another exchange, Keith hits a butterfly powerbomb for two. Keith runs at Penta on the apron, but Penta drags him out to the apron as well. They exchange hard chops. Keith gets Penta in a fireman's carry, but Penta escapes. Penta hits the Fear Factor on Keith, on the apron! Martin is there now, and Martin hits Penta with a Destroyer on the apron! Martin up top, he hits a big splash on Keith for the win! Dante Martin is officially the final participant in the Eight-Man All-Star Scramble at Revolution!


Winner: Dante Martin

Adam Page with a post-"Dynamite" backstage promo of his own, he says he's sorry to deceive the fans, but he had to do it to stop Swerve from winning the title.

Mariah May vs. Angelica Risk

Mariah May starts the match with kicks to the gut, driving Risk into the corner. She licks her hands, then slaps Risk's chest with both hands. May gets Risk up against the ropes and stretches her while the ref counts, then comes off the ropes and nails a dropkick. May with an Irish Whip, catches risk on her way back and does several rotations on a spinning sidewalk slam. May blows Nigel a kiss and he drops to the ground in convulsions of ecstasy. May puts her boot against Risk's throat in the corner and drives it in, then gets May in the center of the ring for a shotgun dropkick.


Risk finally with a little offense, hitting a couple strikes, but May fires back and then cleans Risk's clock with a huge kick to the face. Fireman's carry, Mayday, and it's over.

Winner: Mariah May

Toni Storm comes out, much to May's delight. Storm blows off a hug attempt from May to grab a mic, then calls Deonna Purrazzo out to the ring, ignoring May completely. Purrazzo obliges. Storm says this has gone far enough. Is this really what they trained for and starved for? What have they become? Their friendship is destroyed, all just to win a match, is it worth it? Toni doesn't know, but from the bottom of her heart, she loves Deonna. She loves her abilities, her determination, and the fact that there is only room for one, and it will never be Purrazzo as long as Storm lives.


Purrazzo says she loves Storm, too. She loves that Toni has her head so far up her own ass, she's going to lose the thing that started this charade to being with. Deonna loves that Toni has forgotten the most important detail about her, which is that she's the best friend and the worst enemy. Deonna hopes Toni has a bidet, because it's going to be really hard for Storm to wipe her ass when Deonna breaks both of her arms. Storm says very well, goodbye old friend. Then she puts on lipstick and kisses Deonna on the cheek. Deonna attacks, but Mariah May turns the tables. Storm rolls out of the ring, leaving May in there with Purrazzo, who drops May and gestures at Storm's title.

Austin Gunn and The Acclaimed vs. The Dark Order

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang has arrived. Max Caster tries to his rap as they come down to the ring, but Jay White hugs him and doesn't let him do it, whether accidentally or not. Caster looks a little put out, though. Dark Order comes out, and the bell rings.


Austin Gunn starts the match locking up with Alex Reynolds. They exchange headlocks and eventually Irish Whips with Gunn getting the better of it. He tags in Caster and they deliver a double hip toss. Reynolds manages to drive Caster into the corner, where Dark Order beats him down. Evil Uno is in now, but Caster fights off all three men and gives Uno a bodyslam before tagging Anthony Bowens, who tags Gunn. Bowens comes off the top rope with Scissor Me Timbers. The three men prepare to scissor each other, but John Silver breaks it up, and the Dark Order are suddenly all hitting big shots, with Uno brutalizing Gunn as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Austin Gunn catches an Uno kick, throws it over to the ref, who catches it and allows Gunn to hit a neckbreaker. Reynolds is tagged in, but so is Bowens, who cleans house with elbows, chops, and a superkick. Bowens delivers a legdrop to Reynolds, but Uno drags him out of the ring and tosses him into the ring post. Caster takes out Uno, but Silver hits a suicide dive on Caster. Silver flexes  and gets into it with Jay White but in the ring, Gunn barely escapes a roll-up. Silver and Reynolds team up on Bowens, but Bowens manages to drop him, and Caster hits the Mic Drop for the win. After the match the Bang Bang Scissor Gang celebrate together in the ring.


Winners: Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and Austin Gunn

Backstage, Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale are asked about their Zero Hour match with Skye Blue and Julia Hart. Hathaway apologizes for what happened on "Dynamite," but Willows says tomorrow is not about friendship, it's about revolution, and she and Statlander are gonna kick Hart and Skye's ass.

Wardlow faces off with Chris Jericho

Tony Schiavone is in the ring, and he's calling Wardlow out to talk to him. Wardlow says two years ago, he won the Face of the Revolution ladder match. One year ago, he beat down "your king." Now, he gets to beat all the other "all-stars." He questions if it's going to be Wardlow vs. Hangman Page (he'll slap Page's mustache into the third row), Wardlow vs. Swerve (he'll kick Swerve's front door down and whoop his ass from the basement to the attic, because Swerve's House only exists in Wardlow's World), or Wardlow vs. Samoa Joe. Wardlow is sick of hearing dumb hillbillies chant "Joe." He hopes it is Wardlow vs. Joe, because everyone knows Joe is in his spot, and this time Wardlow is going to finish the job. He's going to take his spot, take his title, and beat Joe so bad he'll be forced to sit at the announce table where he belongs. Wardlow is him, he's been him, he will always be him, and tomorrow night he reminds everyone that he is still the Face of the Revolution, he is the Uncrowned King, and this is no longer wrestling, because this is war.


"Judas" hits, and Chris Jericho comes down to stare down Wardlow. Jericho reminds Wardlow that he's not fighting Page or Swerve or Joe. He's in the All-Star Scramble, and Jericho isn't an "all-star," he's one of the best ever, and Wardlow shouldn't look past him or any of the other competitors. Jericho runs down his accomplishments and reminds Wardlow that he hasn't won anything. It's been four years since Jericho even got a sniff of the world title, so the Scramble isn't just another match, it's the chance to get back into contention. He knows he's good enough, but he asks Wardlow "Are you?" Jericho says Wardlow is complaining about being pushed aside, but Jericho suggests people stopped chanting his name because he's not as good as he thinks he is, and calls Wardlow "Mike." The crowd starts chanting "Mike."


Wardlow says Jericho is right. He was this close to the top of the mountain, he could smell it, and then after Double or Nothing, he takes a step backwards, and then a step down, over and over. It pissed him off to the point that he let it eat him away and let it ruin his personal life. He lost his best friend, he lost himself. But after sitting at home for three months with no phone call, he started to remember who he is, and he picked himself up and put himself back together. He came back to remind everyone who the hell he is, because he is Wardlow, the biggest and the baddest, and he doesn't care what your name is or how many titles you've won, he's done eating your scraps. So if Jericho thinks he's not good enough, feel free to come down and show him, because Wardlow would like to remind Jericho who the hell he is.

Jericho is about to oblige when he gets jumped by Powerhouse Hobbs from behind. Hobbs beats down Jericho some, then poses and yells at Wardlow while the crowd chants "meat."

Serena Deeb is being interviewed backstage. Deeb says she's undefeated, undeniable, and unstoppable. Nobody has really challenged Deeb in the ring yet, which makes sense. If you're watching and consider yourself one of the best, step into Deeb's Dojo and test yourself against the most elite wrestler, because nobody can do what she does in the ring, and she's the Final Boss.


Private Party vs. Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

The bell rings and Sydal and Isiah Kassidy are in the ring. Sydal with an arm drag after some trash talk, then hits a pair of ranas. Sydal with another arm drag, and now Mark Quen and Daniels are in the ring. The ref gets control and Daniels and Quen tag in. The crowd chants "Fallen Angel." They lock up, Quen gets a side headlock Irish Whips Daniels, then taunts him. Quen takes Daniels down, steps over him, and taunts him again. The third time, Daniels takes Quen down and taunts instead. Daniels with an arm drag, then tags in Sydal. The two double-team Quen with kicks in the corner, then Sydal hits a Standing Mariposa. Sydal tags in Quen, they double-team him with a kick/forearm combination and Daniels gets a two-count as we go to break.


Back from break, Private Party is in control, but Daniels counters Kassidy with a flatliner. Quen tags in, but so does Sydal, dropping Quen and Kassidy with kicks. Sydal dodges a double clothesline, then hits a rana on both men at the same time! Sydal with a Air Raid Crash on Quen for two. Sydal dropkicks Kassidy and runs at Quen in the corner, but Quen dodges him, then hits a bicycle kick. Quen and Kassidy then hit a senton/neckbreaker combination, but only get two. They pick Sydal up and Irish Whip, but Sydal hits some kicks and tags in Daniels. Daniels throws punches, dodges a double clothesline, then he and Sydal hit stereo clotheslines. Daniels sets Quen up for Angel's Wings, but Kassidy breaks it up. Sydal hits a Meteora on Kassidy but may have hurt his knee. Daniels with an Angel's Wings on Quen, but now Jeff Jarrett is here to distract the referee while Jay Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Daniels, allowing Quen to get the win. Private Party then celebrate with the group, potentially signaling they have aligned themselves with Jarrett and Lethal.


Winners: Private Party

A video package airs for the Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson match at Revolution.

Thunder Rosa vs. Cassandra Golden

The bell rings and they lock up, with Golden apparently having a strength advantage. Rosa gets her in a headlock and delivers knees, but Golden throws her off. Rosa dodges a boot attempt and hits a superkick, then a slap to the face, followed by a big lariat. Rosa bounces Golden's head against the top turnbuckle bad, then delivers chops in the corner. Rosa gets Golden up in a fireman's carry, but Golden fights out with elbows. Golden runs at Rosa, who dodges and sends Golden into the corner, then his a shotgun dropkick. Rosa backs off and hits a low running dropkick in the corner. Rosa goes up top and hits a double stomp on Golden's back, then applies a new arm submission hold. Golden taps. Rosa looks at the camera and says she hasn't left, she knows they want to push her aside, but she won't back down, because her time is now.


Winner: Thunder Rosa

A video package airs breaking down everything that happened between Sting, Darby Allin, Ric Flair, and the Young Bucks on this week's episode of "Dynamite."

Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Killswitch, and Christian Cage vs. Daniel Garcia, HOOK, Trent Beretta, and Orange Cassidy

Matt Menard is on commentary. The bell rings for our main event, and Beretta is starting things out with Cage (Brian, not Christian). Beretta with a side headlock on Cage, but gets sent off the ropes and knocked down with a shoulder tackle. Garcia tags in, as does Strong. They lock up and chain wrestle, with Garcia escaping Strong's hold. Strong takes Garcia down with a wrist lock, Garcia gets back to his feet and gets Strong in a side headlock. Garcia and Strong go the ground, Strong gets the advantage and slaps Garcia in the back of the head. Garcia gets back up and locks up again, driving Strong into the corner. Garcia with big chops, then Irish Whips Strong into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Garcia goes for a piledriver but Cage (Brian, not Christian) intervenes, which brings in HOOK. Garcia and HOOK are in the ring, and now all four members of both teams are facing off, "West Side Story" style, as we go to a break.


Back from commercial, Cage (Brian, not Christian) drives Garcia into the corner, catches a Garcia kick attempt, then smacks him in the face. Garcia turns things around, climbs the turnbuckle and starts punching down into Cage's face while the crowd counts. Cage hits a deadlift superplex on Garcia, throwing into the ring from the apron! Strong tags in and puts the boots to Garcia, then tags in Cage (Christian, not Brian). Cage drives Garcia into the corner and tags Strong back in, who hits Garcia some more and tags in Cage (Brian, not Christian). Cage drives his shoulder into Garcia's ribs. Garcia starts to fight out of the corner, Cage tries to prevent him by lifting him into a vertical suplex position, but Garcia counters with a DDT and tags in Beretta, who cleans house, hitting big moves on everyone, particularly Cage (Christian, not Brian). Strong runs in but Beretta dodges and hits a tornado DDT. Beretta goes for a dive to the outside on Strong, but Killswitch pushes Strong out of the way, then hits a chokeslam on Beretta onto the apron. Beretta now takes on the role of face in peril in the heel corner as we go to another commercial.


Back from break, Cage (Christian, not Brian) has Beretta in a headlock, but Beretta is trying to fight out. Cage drops him with an inverted DDT, then goes to the top rope, but the pool is empty! Beretta crawls toward his corner but Strong is tagged in and cuts off Beretta. Strong does Orange Cassidy-style kicks to Beretta, then gets him in the Stronghold, making Cassidy watch. But Beretta escapes and tags in Cassidy, who slams Cage's (Christian, not Brian) head into the turnbuckle, slams Cage's (Brian, not Christian) head into the turnbuckle, then his a crossbody on Cage (Christian, not Brian). Cage (Brian, not Christian) grabs Cassidy but Cassidy hits the Stundog Millionaire, hits a suicide dive on the outside, then rolls back in the ring and nails Cage with a tornado DDT. Killswitch is in the ring, but he eats an Orange Punch. Strong with a Sick Kick on Cassidy. Garcia with a Saito Suplex on Strong. Cage (Christian, not Brian) with a Spear on Garcia. HOOK with a suplex on Cage. Now Killswitch tags himself in, but it's bedlam in the ring. Strong catches a Cassidy dive and turns it into End of Heartache on the outside. HOOK clotheslines multiple heels to the outside, and now Beretta is alone in the ring trying to choke out Killswitch. Orange Cassidy is in the Stronghold outside, but Killswitch powers out of the sleeper hold. Killswitch prepares to chokeslam Beretta, who counters into the roll-up, but only gets two. Beretta with a superkick to Killswitch, then another one. Cage (Christian, not Brian) tries to distract Beretta on the apron, but Beretta fights him off. Nick Wayne jumps up on the apron to hit Beretta, which distracts him long enough for Killswitch to hit Beretta in the back of the head and get the pinfall.


Winners: Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Killswitch, and Christian Cage

After the bell, Killswitch and Cage (Christian, not Brian) keep beating down Beretta, which triggers a massive brawl. Cage (Brian, not Christian) sends HOOK into the barricade. Everyone is fighting everyone. Killswitch goes to chokeslam Garcia through a chair, but Menard stops him and takes the move instead. HOOK dives off the stais and clotheslines Cage (Brian, not Christian). Garcia and Cage (Christian, not Brian) battle up the ramp to the back. Everybody is still fighting each other as "Collision" goes off the air.