Bully Ray Critique's Ric Flair's Involvement In AEW Dynamite Segment

Ric Flair has been very involved in the run leading up to Sting's final match at AEW Revolution, even teasing a heel turn on his old friend before ultimately siding with him on the February 28 edition of "AEW Dynamite." In a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray commented on Flair's segment and Sting descending from the rafters afterward to rescue "The Nature Boy."


According to Bully, Flair didn't look good in the brief segment, but his main issue isn't the WWE Hall of Famer's wrestling abilities. "It didn't look that great. It is what it is; the physicality didn't look that great. But what bothered me more is now I know that Ric Flair is not on the side of the Bucks."

Additionally, he criticized the timing of Sting's rafter entrance since they waited for Darby Allin and Flair to be attacked and laid out before he appeared. "Why didn't Sting appear earlier? This is not me nitpicking; this is glaring. And then Flair is getting his a** kicked, and Sting is waiting for The Bucks to get all the way to the ramp? Why are we waiting this long?"

However, Bully noted that it wasn't Sting's fault and blamed the logic gaps on AEW's creative team, stating that the end of the segment lacked cohesive reasoning. "If the plan was for Sting to be in the rafters, and Sting and Darby agreed 'We're gonna use you as bait, but right before they get to you, that's when my music will hit and that's when I'll drop down from the rafters.' But that didn't happen. They waited."


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