Drew McIntyre Warns Fellow WWE Star Logan Paul About Coming After Him On Social Media

Drew McIntyre gloated about his WWE Elimination Chamber victory on the latest "WWE Raw" episode, and his comments attracted some attention. Logan Paul took to social media to troll McIntyre for his promo afterward, but the "Scottish Psychopath" caught wind of the comments and responded during an appearance on "WWE's The Bump."


McIntyre started by thanking Paul for the exposure he gave him, and he even praised his skills as a creator of videos. "I appreciate Logan taking the time to make a video, he has a huge fanbase which puts my name across his huge fanbase. He's obviously very talented in putting videos together. So, it was a nice little video to watch."

However, McIntyre then sent a very level-headed threat to Paul and explained that he now considers himself free to do whatever he wants. "I suggest if you come at me on social media, you're prepared for my responses because I'm unleased. I've been holding back for a few years now, but I'm not holding back anymore so you're taking a huge risk in coming at Drew McIntyre and that was me being gentle in my response."


With his Elimination Chamber victory, McIntyre is set to face Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 40 for the World Heavyweight Championship. While the Scotsman might be the heel in the bout, Booker T hopes to see WWE put the title on McIntyre at the upcoming premium live event. 

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