Former WCW Boss Eric Bischoff Comments On Sting Descending From The Rafters In AEW

Ahead of Sting's final match at AEW Revolution, the latest episode of "Dynamite" saw him recreate his famous WCW entrance via the rafters to save Ric Flair from an attack by The Young Bucks. In a recent episode of his "Strictly Business" podcast, Eric Bischoff commented on the utilization of the unique entrance and revealed whether he enjoyed it.


"That was awesome, that was very, very well done," Bischoff said. "I was excited to see it, it was a classy entertaining kind of tip of the hat to what I think was the peak of Sting's career as 'The Crow' -– his second big successful incarnation of the character, first Surfer Sting, then Crow Sting."

On the topic of nostalgia, Bischoff warned that it's something that needs to be balanced but seemingly felt like AEW hit the mark with Sting. "You want to satisfy that nostalgic itch, but you don't want to scratch it so hard you draw blood. I think scratching too hard would be an overabundance of it. I think a nod to nostalgia, in this case focusing on it because it's leading to an event; I think that's awesome."


Booker T also commented on Sting descending from the rafters on "Dynamite," and he was also a fan of the segment. The WWE Hall of Famer pointed out that it must have felt nostalgic for Sting. However, he also doubts "The Icon" will walk back his retirement following Revoluton. Booker also emphasized how critical Darby Allin's role has been in Sting's final run, and said that even he would have loved to have been the legend's right-hand-man.

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