Trish Stratus Discusses Writing Final Chapter In WWE

Trish Stratus' latest run with WWE saw the 7-time women's champion feud with Becky Lynch — a rivalry that culminated in a steel cage match at Payback 2023. Speaking with "Gorilla Position," Stratus, who initially retired from the ring after capturing the WWE Women's Championship from Lita at Unforgiven 2006, was asked if that storyline with Lynch was the final chapter of her in-ring career or if there was a possible return on the horizon.


"I don't know," the WWE Hall of Famer answered. "It's a tough one. Since I left, retired in 2006, I always said, 'Look, number one, if I knew I could come back and do something fans would love, it could challenge me, and it would check some boxes, you know, elevating someone, working with some new talent, doing something that hasn't been done before, I would come back." Stratus returned to the ring two years after her initial retirement, teaming with John Cena against Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella on "WWE Raw." She then took part in several matches over the next decade — including a memorable bout against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019 — before returning to the ring in 2023.

Stratus added that the most important thing for her about returning is to make sure that she can give 100 percent. "And if I watched my matches back and I was like, 'Uh, moving slow, it's not happening,' because you never know until you're back in the ring, believe me," Stratus explained. "There was a moment where I'd watch, and I was like, 'Can I still do this?' Because you can do your own practicing and you can do your own runs at home, but until you get into the ring and do it out there, it's a big different story."


Stratus on her ideal final run

Stratus was ultimately satisfied with how her storyline with Lynch panned out, and felt great after her steel cage match with "The Man," noting that she woke up expecting to feel like she had been hit by a bus, but instead felt good despite being bruised. Moving forward, Stratus thinks she has unfinished business in WWE.


"If I say I go back and stuff, it needs to be for something really great," Stratus explained. "It needs to be a really great story. I'm all about story, I'm all about character forwarding, and so if it's a great story that we can put forth, it's something I certainly would approach. And I know I do have enough gas in the tank, so that's good to go, I can check that box. It depends on who would be presented to me creatively."

Stratus would welcome another match in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the same city where her initial retirement took place at Unforgiven 2006. Notably, WWE will be returning to Toronto for Money in the Bank later this year. She then teased the possibility of going after the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship — a title that didn't exist during her full-time run with the promotion and that is missing from her list of WWE achievements — and also a possible match with former associate Zoey Stark. Stratus also mentioned she would love to step into the ring with WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley.


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