Why Tommy Dreamer Doesn't Think He Should Induct Paul Heyman Into WWE Hall Of Fame

While it is confirmed that Paul Heyman will be inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame this year, one question still remains: who will be the person inducting him? With a laundry list of 'Paul Heyman Guys' and countless former ECW stars whose career he has helped, there's no shortage of options, but Tommy Dreamer doesn't believe he's the right choice. 


"If I had to pick and I have people in house, Steve Austin, CM Punk, I'm picking either one of those two guys," he said on "Busted Open Radio." "It's a television show and I understand the industry." Another ECW alumni, Bully Ray, believes that a big star needs to induct Heyman, and ideally, someone who has been around a while and can reflect on all aspects of Heyman's career to date. That is why his personal suggestion would be Austin, who was with Heyman back in the Dangerous Alliance faction. However, another option they discussed was the man Heyman is currently working with, Roman Reigns which would allow their onscreen partnership to continue into his induction and would tick off the box of having a big star in that role.


"I can see it happening, I just don't think that he's a better choice than Steve in my opinion," Bully said. "Because Paul does not like to lean or rely on the past, I think that the Roman choice could be in play because Roman can speak about the here and now."

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