Bully Ray On Idea Of Tommy Dreamer Inducting Paul Heyman Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Earlier this week, former ECW promoter and longtime onscreen manager Paul Heyman was revealed as the first inductee for 2024's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Since the announcement, many have wondered who will induct Heyman during WrestleMania 40 weekend. On "Busted Open Radio," ECW legend and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray commented on the idea of former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer inducting his former boss.


"A lot of people on social media have said Tommy," Bully said. "But you have two WWE Hall of Famers who were pretty big stars in ECW, and that's Rob Van Dam and the Dudleys." Bully agreed that Heyman and Dreamer had a father-and-son relationship, but he thinks, from a business perspective, that WWE would want a bigger name to induct Heyman to draw more eyeballs to the show. "If you just look at this with blinders on, from an ECW point of view, yes, Tommy Dreamer is the guy, but this is bigger than ECW."

During the same episode, Bully stated that either CM Punk or The Undertaker would be excellent choices to induct Heyman into the Hall of Fame, but he ultimately believes "Stone Cold" Steve Austin "is the guy" to do the honors. Roman Reigns' "Special Counsel" has worked with all three of those legends in various capacities throughout his career. Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer "Diamond" Dallas Page told "Busted Open" earlier this week that he would like to see Dreamer induct Heyman into the Class of 2024. He feels there's no other option because of the history the pair have together.


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