Logan Paul Announces First-Ever WWE Center-Ring Sponsorship Deal With PRIME On SmackDown

Logan Paul's PRIME hydration and energy drink company will be front-and-center at WWE premium live events moving forward, starting at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. The current United States Champion announced on "WWE SmackDown" on Friday in Dallas, Texas that PRIME is the first-ever center-ring sponsor for WWE. It's something that has been rumored since WWE merged with UFC creating TKO Group Holdings, as the UFC often has sponsorships in the center of the octagon for fights, as well as sponsors surrounding the cage and even on fighters' gear. 


After Paul made the announcement, he brought down his business partner and fellow YouTuber KSI, who has been featured on WWE programming before — KSI was put through a table at WrestleMania 39 when his "partner in PRIME" took on Seth Rollins. KSI also took on Paul in the latter's first-ever amateur boxing match in 2018. The pair co-founded PRIME in 2021.

Before KSI could say anything regarding the announcement, Randy Orton's music hit. Orton didn't come down the ramp, however, appearing from the crowd to attempt to hit the champion with a RKO. Paul escaped, but KSI ate the move, and Orton put him over the PRIME logo in the ring and dumped one of the drinks on him for his troubles. Paul and Orton started feuding during Elimination Chamber, when Paul hit Orton with a pair of brass knuckles after being eliminated from the match, leading to Orton's defeat at the hands of Drew McIntyre.