Matt Hardy Comments On Sammy Guevara's Suspension, He And Jeff's AEW Contracts

AEW's Matt Hardy is offering his thoughts on recent news regarding his own contract, as well as another star's suspension within the company after an injury sustained by his brother Jeff Hardy. Former TNT Champion Sammy Guevara was recently suspended following a match with Jeff after Guevara reportedly didn't follow concussion protocol after breaking Jeff's nose with a shooting star press. Protocol meant the match should have been finished immediately, but Guevara hit his finisher, a knee to the head known as the "GTH," which never should have happened. Guevara was suspended following the incident. Hardy commented on the suspension on a recent episode of his "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, though he didn't offer much insight about what was first broken by Fightful Select.


"The whole thing about Sammy being suspended was all new to me until broken by Sean Ross Sapp, that was all new to me, but it is what it is, I guess," Hardy said.

Hardy also commented about his current contract situation with AEW, something that was also initially reported by Fightful. The news broke about an hour before Hardy sat down to record the podcast episode. The initial report stated that Hardy, who signed with the company in March 2020, had a four-year deal. Hardy joked that if fans were listening to the podcast to comment and tell him what they think he should do.

"As far as with my contract, people had asked about my contract coming up," Hardy said. "And obviously, after that news broke today, and it didn't come from me, because nobody had known anything about it, so once again, Sean Ross Sapp breaking the news. Yes. It is coming up in March and we've spoke about it, we've talked about it. And I guess we'll see what happens."