Chad Gable Vows To Be A 'Beacon Of Perseverance' In WWE Raw Match

For Chad Gable, the implications for the "WWE Raw" gauntlet match are much bigger than WrestleMania; it simultaneously serves as an opportunity for vindication, not just for himself, but also for his family and fans.


Tomorrow, Gable, along with five other men, will compete in a grueling gauntlet match, in which the winner will earn to challenge GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 40 next month. Gable, of course, is no stranger to GUNTHER, as the two competed in a trilogy of title matches last year. After their latest one, though, Gable's daughter was left crying at ringside. As such, Gable has vowed to plow through his upcoming competition and secure his long-anticipated rematch against "The Ring General."

"I've been running the gauntlet in my own head since that match with Gunther last September," Gable said in a new vignette on X (formerly Twitter). "Trust me, the only tears you ever want to wipe off your child's face are tears of joy. But if I want that chance, a new gauntlet stands in front of me. My path to heaven runs straight through a gauntlet of hell – a gauntlet filled with demons from my past that I'm going to have to overcome this time. In order to earn my date with destiny. My date with redemption. It's a rare chance to rewrite history. We don't get those every day, so I intend to claim it and become a beacon of perseverance that my fans and my family can be proud of. So I will endure, because for Chad Gable, this match just means more."


Per stipulation rules, two competitors will kick off the gauntlet match, aiming to score a fall (via pinfall or submission). After a fall is reached, the victor of the face-off will move on to the next opponent with the same objective in place. This chain of events will continue until all of the challengers have entered the gauntlet, and one man is left standing.