Why AEW's Taya Valkyrie And Johnny TV Say Wrestling Should Be Fun

Years after conquering Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny TV have now set their sights on doing the same in Ring of Honor. So far, they've found success, particularly when it comes to their feud with Dalton Castle, as Johnny and Taya have driven the former ROH World Champion into insanity, while also stealing his Boys away after Johnny defeated Castle on "ROH on HonorClub" two weeks ago.


Sitting down with "AEW Unrestricted," the "Johnny Loves Taya" stars discussed the ongoing angle with Castle, and why the storyline is a great example of why wrestling can be both taken seriously and be entertaining at the same time.

"As serious as we take this, and as serious as making sure that this product, this show is best for the fans and for the company and everything, at the root of it all, it's pro wrestling, and it's meant to be fun," Valkyrie said. "It's a story. I think we do a good job of putting that all together."

Johnny concurred, believing that while performers should always be putting in all their effort into making what they're doing great, they also don't need to take themselves 100% seriously while doing so.


"I think a lot of people make this mistake; you have to take pro wrestling seriously and the matches seriously," Johnny said. "But you don't necessarily have to take yourself that seriously because you aren't you out there. You're a character. So your work and everything, 100%, we're pouring everything into. But I'm just John. I don't really care what people think of me, because when I'm out there, I'm not me, if you know what I mean."

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