Kevin Nash Weighs In On Sammy Guevara's AEW Suspension

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has weighed in with his thoughts on the recent news that AEW star Sammy Guevara has been suspended by the company. Guevara was wrestling Jeff Hardy on a recent "AEW Rampage" when he hit a shooting star press, only for his knee to crash down on Hardy's head, breaking his nose. AEW doctors wanted Guevara to go straight to the finish by pinning Hardy so he could be checked for a concussion, but Guevara hit his "GTH" finisher instead, leading to his suspension for the foreseeable future.


On his "Kliq This" podcast, Nash said he feels AEW might have been a bit harsh in suspending Guevara if the initial incident was an accident. "If it was with malice, then yeah he should be suspended. But a botched move is a botched move." However, Nash was informed shortly after of Guevara hitting the extra move that led to the suspension, which Nash ultimately thought made sense given the extra context.

Despite that, Nash still feels like AEW's safety and concussion protocols are difficult to take seriously when many AEW stars take huge risks on a regular basis, with the multi-time World Champion using Darby Allin's recent dive at the Revolution pay-per-view as an example. "I just look at it and I say it's really hard for me to adhere to the concussion protocol when Darby f**king catapults himself from Mount Olympus through glass onto the concrete floor." Ironically, Allin only walked away from the glass spot at Revolution with 12 stitches in his back and a doctors note approving him to go for his trip to Mount Everest at the end of March.


Please credit "Kliq This" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.