Ted DiBiase Says AEW's Will Ospreay Needs One Thing To Be The Best In The World

Will Ospreay has now debuted as an official member of the AEW roster, and Ospreay's match against Konosuke Takeshita at AEW Revolution turned many heads right away. However, not everyone is fully sold on the performer just yet. Speaking on "Everybody's Got A Pod," WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase shared his take on the AEW star.


"This guy may be very good, but if he's not a good storyteller, then he's not the best in the world," DiBiase said. "If he is the guy who has got the great body, and he takes a lot of really great bumps and all that flying around, that don't make a wrestler."

The veteran performer stated that he will continue to "beat the drum" for the fundamentals of storytelling in wrestling. While DiBiase acknowledged that the industry will inevitably change with time, he strongly believes that storytelling is a constant.

"What I don't see anymore is great stories," DiBiase continued. "Just flying around the ring and taking pretty bumps, no matter how good they are — a triple somersault off the top rope and you land on your feet and everybody goes, 'Woo!' Okay, big deal. Tell me a story."


According to DiBiase, one of the key building blocks of wrestling is a battle between good and evil, which he wants to see more of today. DiBiase said he's consulted with other veterans of the business, including the late Terry Funk, to see if he was simply missing something. Those who spoke to concurred with DiBiase's assessment.

Ospreay is no stranger to telling stories in the ring, but it may not be the same style of storytelling DiBiase and his peers put forth in their careers. Regardless of opinions on Ospreay, the former NJPW star now has an opportunity to silence critics as he begins his first long-term stint on American television with AEW.

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