Bully Ray Identifies Which Version Of Seth Rollins WWE Fans Want

The hottest story in WWE at the moment is, undeniably, the saga involving Roman Reigns, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins. However, speaking on "Busted Open Radio," former WWE star Bully Ray feels that Rollins isn't operating at his full potential. While he believes Rollins has been able to hold his own in the ring with the company's top stars, Bully shared his big issue with the World Heavyweight Champion's current presentation.


"When Seth is by himself now with Drew, or by himself doing a promo, it's just not clicking," Bully said. "I don't think that Seth is relatable."

Bully took issue with Rollins' outfit on last week's "SmackDown," stating that what a wrestler wears can help the audience relate to them. The WWE Hall of Famer doubted anyone in the crowd could relate to Rollins based on what he was wearing.

In recent years, Rollins' character has worn elaborate and outlandish outfits seemingly inspired by "Macho Man" Randy Savage and other unique fashion icons. However, Bully doesn't feel that version of Rollins is the best choice.

"Once he gets away from that and he starts talking as Seth f***ing Rollins, and he gets in your face and he goes, 'Screw you, we're tired of you, the match is on,' ... the people are behind him," Bully continued. "Last Friday night was very telling to me about which version of Seth [the fans] want. They want 'Burn It Down' Seth. They want the Shield version of Seth."


As an additional example of the fan perception of Rollins, Bully cited a moment from a recent episode of "WWE Raw." McIntyre landed a Claymore Kick on the champion, and as the show went off the air, the crowd could be heard chanting for CM Punk instead.

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