McKenzie Mitchell Comments On WWE's Working Environment

It has been over three months since McKenzie Mitchell announced she had been let go from her WWE contract. The backstage broadcaster spent four years with the company, coming into her own as part of the "WWE NXT" brand, before revealing she had been released in December 2023. In the time since her departure, many different stories and lawsuits have cropped up regarding major players in WWE like Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis and their abusive attitudes towards women. Mitchell was asked if she experienced anything inappropriate during her time with the company on the "Eyes Up Here" podcast with ECW legend Francine, who explained that she didn't last long in WWE because she refused to over-sexualize herself to people like McMahon.


"I had a really pleasant experience in my time with WWE," Mitchell said. "I did not experience any type of situation that way. I think too, it's such a different time, I think it's such a different era of it being in 2024, and the women are headlining WrestleMania and pay-per-views and Royal Rumbles, you name it. So I feel like it's a different time, it's a different era, and so I was lucky enough to not ever experience that, or to see anything of that matter."

It seemed as if Mitchell was extremely well liked backstage in WWE, as she recently revealed that when the news broke about her release, people like Shawn Michaels and Becky Lynch sent her lengthy messages wishing her the best, while her husband Vic Joseph apparently cried on the way to work because he missed traveling with Mitchell.


Please credit "Eyes Up Here" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.