Bully Ray Considers Tactic Rock & Roman Could Take At WrestleMania 40 Night 1

WWE WrestleMania 40 is just weeks away, with both nights set to revolve around Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Speaking on a recent edition of "Busted Open Radio," former WWE star Bully Ray offered up an idea for the storyline that could tie the two nights together.


"Imagine if, on night one in the tag match, they — Rock and Roman — targeted Cody's torn bicep," Bully said. "[It] has been put back together, but an injury is never repaired 100%. Injuries have memory just like muscles have memory, and that injured muscle will remember that it was torn at one time."

Bully suggested that bringing up Rhodes' old injury could add another element to the story heading into night two's Roman-Rhodes main event. The WWE Hall of Famer stated all the best books and songs tell a captivating story, and wrestling is no different.

"This story, other than one pretty major speed bump, has been told in a great way since day one," Bully continued.

The bump in the road Bully was referring to took place earlier this year, when Johnson first became heavily involved. Days after winning the Men's Royal Rumble match for the second year in a row, Rhodes agreed to step aside and let The Rock face his cousin this year. Plans changed based on extensive fan backlash, however, with The Rock reportedly deciding to turn heel and align with Reigns.


As of last Friday's "WWE SmackDown," the plan is for The Rock and Reigns to tag on night one against Rhodes and Rollins. If Rhodes and Rollins win, the Bloodline will be unable to interfere the following night. On the other hand, a victory from Reigns and The Rock would mean the match takes on a "Bloodline Rules" stipulation.

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