Why Paul Walter Hauser Thinks Matt Cardona Is Underestimating Him

This Saturday, actor Paul Walter Hauser will step into a wrestling ring for a match against the "Indie God" Matt Cardona. The match has been in the works for months, with Hauser even referencing the bout during his Primetime Emmys acceptance speech earlier this year. Appearing on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Hauser explained why he feels Cardona isn't taking him seriously enough ahead of their fight.


"I just think he doesn't fully appreciate my level of focus," Hauser said. "Matt, big fan, but as accomplished as you are, I do think you're missing the point — that it isn't really about wrestling so much as it is about focus."

Citing his history as a stand-up comedian and accomplished actor, Hauser said he has the kind of focus necessary to succeed. The actor mentioned his work with director Clint Eastwood, and stated that he's looking to provide for his children rather than Cardona, who would spend his money on action figures or cat litter.

Hauser did spend some time complimenting Cardona, highlighting his work as Zack Ryder in WWE and the way he was able to capitalize on the internet in a way no one else had. Things may not have gone entirely Cardona's way in WWE, but Hauser admitted that the wrestler has made the most of his run on the independent scene. However, the "Richard Jewell" star made it clear he's ready for a fight at Revolver Ready or Not.


"Come March the 16th, I don't think you realize that I am going to rake your back, and bulldog your face into the canvas, and probably kick your ass," Hauser continued. "It's not because I'm a wrestler. It's because I have focus."

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