Why Damian Priest Is Looking Forward To Six-Pack Ladder Match At WWE WrestleMania 40

With the added possibility of Bloodline Rules looming, it appeared as though Cody Rhodes might be faced with the biggest challenge at this year's WrestleMania event. However, coming out of "WWE Raw" this week, Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Damian Priest and Finn Balor learned that they'd be up against a massive challenge of their own, as they are now slated to defend their titles against five other tandems in a six-pack tag team ladder match. Given that the odds will not be in their favor, Priest and Balor weren't particularly thrilled with this development. As Priest later pointed out, though, this stipulation also indicates that there will be no disqualifications — something the Judgment Day members can use to their advantage.


"On the offensive side, I'm looking forward to just being able to hurt people with weapons, with all types of furniture and goodies," Priest told "The Babyfaces Podcast." "And then it makes it easier, to me, when you have your partner [who] is a guy like Finn Balor with that resume. That's what you want as a partner that type of guy. So for me, I'm looking forward to it. We're confident. And as far as what to expect — everything. It's WrestleMania, and titles are on the line, there ain't no holding back."

Qualifying matches for this six-pack tag team ladder match will unfold on "Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" over the next few weeks. And while the participants of these qualifiers have to be formally announced, a recent hype package showcased several WWE teams, such as The New Day, the Creed Brothers, DIY, Alpha Academy, and Awesome Truth. Priest and Balor's latest title defense took place at WWE's Elimination Chamber event in Perth, Australia last month, where they were pitted against New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate).


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