WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Explains His Trademark Candor

Across various wrestling promotions over the years, Eric Bischoff has served in both creative and executive roles. These days, Bischoff has stepped away from an active role in the industry and shares his opinion on his two weekly podcasts, often drawing attention from wrestling fans. During a recent edition of "Busted Open Radio," co-host Bully Ray asked Bischoff why he's so "brutally honest" regarding wrestling and sports entertainment.


"I think I've always been that way," Bischoff said. "In many cases, it's been a burden. It's been an impediment because I tend not to soften a perspective to try to sell it. I throw my thoughts out there and if people agree with it, great. And if they don't, [I] don't care."

From his experiences in the industry, Bischoff learned that being direct is always better than trying to soften his words. Having worked with Bully in writers' rooms before, Bischoff said the satellite radio co-host should be able to attest to that.

Bischoff got his start in the American Wrestling Assocation in the 1980s as an interviewer before rising to prominence as an executive in WCW. After that company folded, he later worked for WWE and TNA for different stretches and has made several AEW appearances in recent years.


AEW is often a source of frustration for Bischoff on his podcasts, which is what led to Bully's question. Bully's fellow "Busted Open" co-host, Mark Henry, also holds a position as a "coach" in AEW, and spoke to Bischoff about his opinions on the company. Bischoff stated that every criticism comes from a place of wanting to make the company "bigger and better."

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