Former WWE Star Elias Discusses Relationship With John Cena

Elias may no longer be a member of the WWE roster, having been released from the promotion back in September of last year, but he still has many fond memories of his nine years there. That includes his appearance at WrestleMania 34, when he got to rub elbows with John Cena before the latter's match with The Undertaker, with Cena even bringing back his "Doctor of Thuganomics" gimmick for the occasion.


During a "Monopoly Events" Q&A recently, Elias was asked about the WrestleMania moment with Cena, and how Cena treated him behind the scenes.

"John Cena has been so good to me throughout my entire career," Elias said. "So many behind-the-scenes things that maybe I'll get into one day, in a book or a video or something like that, where John Cena has just been so good to me. I've wrestled him a lot of times on...a few times on television, a lot of times on live events...To be able to have the Doctor of Thuganomics moment, at WrestleMania, to know what that meant to the fans too, to see him in his original persona, [to] see me up there, to do that at Met Life Stadium in front of...I don't know, 80,000 people or something like that? 


"And then that night, I don't know if many remember, the other Elias' were involved as I was playing piano, playing the drums, and then I played guitar. So...there's a lot of levels to me here. And on that night, I just got to do a lot of cool things. And like I said, it's kind of like a career highlight. WrestleMania, John Cena, he's the Doctor of Thuganomics. Cool stuff."

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